Stonesthrow Pudelpointers
Larry Stone
Bend Or 97702
Pudelpointers are versatile gundogs equally at home in the field or marsh. Their  
desire and drive have made the breed extremely successful in NAVHDA testing.
While the pudelpointer has fire in the field the pudelpointer is also capable of being
the perfect gentleman or lady in the home.

As a result Pudelpointers are found only in the homes of serious hunters.
Cedarwoods Xavier Dan
NA PZ 1, 108 PTs
UT 170 Points Prize III
today. A product of Rock Creek Kennels and Birchwoods lines, Cady
has proven herself by producing eight 112 point prize I pups in   
three litters.

Rock Creek Cady
NA Prize I, 108 pts
UT Prize II, 192 pts
The growing popularity and success of the Pudelpointer has caused the creation of
several kennels, some quite large that fail to breed Pudelpointers to the standards
that have made the breed one of the top performing versatile gundogs in the world.

Exercise care and caution, if a kennel has no trained Utility dogs then they are
simply riding the coattails of kennels that intensely test their dogs for the betterment
of the breed.
Stonesthrow's Icarus

NA 112 PTS PZ 1
UT 198 PTS PZ 1